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Executive Summary from Peter Kellner, CEO Med Cell Bahamas

Med Cell Bahamas is a worldwide leader in stem cell isolation and therapies with over 10 years’ experience in research and performed treatments. The company has a highly knowledgeable and dedicated strong management team with core abilities in Science, Medical and Sales which has given direction and growth to date.

The company currently has over 475 clients worldwide and is now posed to establish its global headquarters and ‘centre-of-excellence’ with a stem cell laboratory and therapy centre in the Bahamas. This would open further opportunity in North and South America, Canada and China markets.

Med Cell has focused on the Bahamas as one of the few reputable places that authorizes stem cell treatments under the Bahamas Cell Therapy Act 2013, offering a ‘full service package’ to international and existing clients.

The company achieved a very high level controlled and restricted permission for stem cell research and treatments from the National Steam Cell Ethics Committee and the Bahamas Investment Authority giving it a green light for operations in the Bahamas.

Our patented solutions for secretome therapies (TM ExoRAP® and ExoPAN®) and proof-of-concept and successful track record on the production of secretome from adMSC containing micro-RNA in exosomes, neurotrophic substances, anti-inflammatory substances, anti-morbidity substances and many more allow for successful individual disease and patient focused treatments.

Our research and development pipeline has significant potential to be converted into additional treatments in a short period of time (Biomarkers, Dendritic Cells, Diabetes and Neurology).

Cell therapy is a real opportunity with the most promising advance in regenerative medicine forecasted to grow substantially over the next decade.

This is only the beginning for Med Cell Bahamas which will see growth and discussions are already happening which will structure further expansion for the future.

Yours faithfully


Peter Kellner

CEO, Med Cell Bahamas

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